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The Chrome Cast 40: More new Chromebooks appear and our staff picks for best gift ideas

This week on The Chrome Cast, we spend the first half of the show discussing yet another group of new devices on the way. These new boards mostly fall in line with the things we discussed last week, so if you haven’t already, catch up on episode 39 to get up to speed. These new Chromebooks mostly stay in the vein of the other ‘Hatch’ and ‘Kukui’ devices we’ve been tracking, but there’s one real oddball in the group.

The second half of this rather-long podcast was a highlight of our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve put this together for our readers to highlight the things we use personally and around the office on a daily basis. These items range anywhere from an espresso machine to the Google Home Max, but they all do their job exceptionally well, have stood the test of time, and are well worth your consideration as a great gift idea for your loved ones.

View the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide at Chrome Shop

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