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How To Stream The State Of The Union Address

In rougly three hours, POTUS Donald Trump will take to the podium to deliver his first State of the Union address since taking office last January.

There are a lot of options if you’d like to hear what Trump has to say. Coverage from all the major news sources, networks and social media platforms will be diverting their attention to the SOTU at 9 p.m. EST.

If you’re looking to stream the address, an internet connection and a Chromecast will make the task a simple one.

You can do so directly at the White House’s official YouTube channel and cast to your television from your Android or iOS phone or your computer’s Chrome browser.

Check out the White House live page here.

For the YouTube feed, check out the link below and stream away.

Trump’s State of the Union on YouTube

We’ll leave the political coverage to the news networks but you can probably expect Pres. Trump to discuss the economy, immigration, foreign relations and more.

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Gabriel Brangers

Lover of all things coffee. Foodie for life. Passionate drummer, hobby guitar player, Web designer and proud Army Veteran. I have come to drink coffee and tell the world of all things Chrome. "Whatever you do, Carpe the heck out of that Diem" - Roman poet, Horace. Slightly paraphrased.

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  • Gabriel, I subscribe to Chrome Unboxed for news about Chrome, Chrome OS and Google related products. I have appreciated over the last couple of months the many tidbits of Chrome related information that pertain to the products I own and may own in the future. However, in the last few days there have been two posts from you that were not welcome that expressed more of your non-Chrome points of view. Unless is offering special streaming to Chrome OS users I don't want to hear about it. I opted-in to Chrome Unboxed ONLY for news directly related to Chrome and Google products. Please find another outlet to express your interest in politics or religion and share your passion for those subjects there.

    • While I don't think the appearance of this article (and another recent article) sit that well with the primary purpose of this site, i.e. Google related technology news, nor do I think that the articles in question or the particular approach of the writer to the subject matter of the articles somehow violates some canon of journalistic behaviour.

      I don't propose to comment on this article but I would point out to the editors that if they are feeling constrained by their role as tech journalists then probably a more thorough restructuring of the website would be called for. This article does break the flow of technical news even if it is relevant to the situation and prospects of technology companies and industry in the United States. Other articles also break that flow - there is a difference between technology news and the rather lesser matter of which retailer I might get my next Chromebook from and for how much.

      Now, I am an atheist, but I found Gabriel's non-technical question about why the Google assistant based devices were returning or failing to return answers to certain religious/history of religion questions interesting. And, actually, I am very happy to have the answer to that question. Examples of the use and abuse of technology to serve sectarian or politcal purposes or agendas and the measures that responsible individuals and corporations must take to prevent such abuses is something that deserves an airing. I am somewhat surprised to say, I am grateful for that article. But, again, the article probably should not have just popped up amongst the technical articles that are the basis of this site - it was kind of jarring despite the interesting question it asked and the even more interesting answer it elicited.

    • As to the other post Gabriel made, the question as to why Google Assistant wasn't answering roughly equivalently for all major religious figures was quite a valid question, and posing the question here and elsewhere got Google to respond with a valid answer, that people were deliberately posting so that Google's web search would find and repeat hateful and incorrect answers. I'd like to discuss that more with Google, since to my mind other religious figures, Mohammed in particular, would be likely to be subjects of the same technique. Maybe Google should make a very few exceptions to their Assistant web search and hard code answers in cases like this.

      As to this post, I'm more in agreement. Why single out the State of the Union from other newsworthy events? I'm sure the intentions were good, but the post was a bit out of left field.

    • Here here. Bleeding into this Chromebook topic notions of politics and religion is causing exactly the same view as yours. Simply mentioning Trump has NIL to do with a Chromebook.

      Gabe "I expressed no political opinion in this post." rubbish. You linked to it. It is not about Chromebooks. Stop doing it. You know you're wrong.

    • Not that Gabe needs any defense from me, but for what's its worth, CNet's evening headline is similar, "How to stream the State of the Union 2018", so other technology outlets are also trying to help folks see this important address. No matter an individual's political persuasion, the SOTU is important each year regardless of the party in power. Personally, I've watched most of them from Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Clinton both Bush's, and every one from President Obama. J

      • Cnet is a bad comparison. They are basically the IGN of tech news. They are mainstream pop with no focus.

        Today the posted an article on Big Foot license plates.

        Unboxed so far has been a legit focused Google info site. This post feels awkward and out of place. Something similar like PlayStation blog isn't telling you how to stream political events on your game console. If you want to teach people how to stream, it would be great to have an article focused on that. The article however isn't "How to stream"... It is "How to stream political event", so it's obvious where the focus is.

        I wish this site success, and I would suggest the path there is listening to critics, not confirmation bias. Critics are where growth is.

        I'm a 15 year registered non partisan. I can see either side. Google just released audio books. I don't want to see a politically injected article about how I can listen to Clinton's new book on my Google Home, any more than I want to hear how I can see Trump address the country.

        I watched it because it relates to me as an American. I didn't come here to read something about it, because when I come here I am looking for stuff related to Google.

        Inserting "Chromecast" is lipstick on a pig. Just forcing something that doesn't fit.

    • I expressed no political opinion in this post. I did, however, mention three Google Products; Chromecast, Chrome and YouTube. While many may be aware of how to use Chromecast there are many who lack the knowledge of how to access these features. I daily field what may be considered the most elementary of queries about how to use Google's products in the Google Product forums and Chrome Unboxed is a site dedicated to assisting users of all technical levels.

      We cover a wide array of Google products and we also, from time to time, offer up our opinions and insights as they pertain to society and the masses and we do so for free.

      • Really though you barely touched on the "how to stream". I would have liked to see screenshots, and details to help users actually understand the tech you are covering.

        • Well noted Brian. Will definitely go into further detail the next how-to we post. Super Bowl, maybe?

          • Definitely. I stream basketball games to my Chromecast, and my Apple TV. Most people I know have no idea how to do either. Using an event to promote that information draws those people in.

      • All your articles have been fine the past days. I don't think they've been outside the scope of the website.

  • Thanks Gabe. I will be watching via Youtube TV. Loving all the savings over cable and the $35 monthly service has been just great for me since August when Google opened the Baltimore market. J

  • Warning... Political Commentary Ahead:

    Would there have been reactions of this kind if this fairly neutral post had concerned streaming a conference by former President Obama? Of course not!

    Mr. Trump has his glaring weaknesses, but he was duly elected within the electoral system and he is still President after one year.

    Those who think the obvious Russian effort at interference in the electoral process will lead to impeachment should remember that Bill Clinton' s presidency survived the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

    Yes, the Russians tried (weakly) to interfere, because Mr. Putin hates Ms. Clinton after she openly contested the validity of Mr. Putin's election whenn she was Secretary of State.

    But it's ludicrous to think that Mr. Trump would have conspired with the Russians to game the US election. There would have been no upside.

    Democrats would have won the election with a better candidate: younger, more centrist, not a Clinton.

    Democrats should stop focusing on Mr. Trump and start thinking about a better candidate for the next election... No, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not what they need.

  • Gabe, thank you for the information. To the snowflakes who are offended because they don't like he,she and/or it...get over it and pleaseeeeee stop whining.

    • In my view, that two line statement strikes a tone lower than anything I have read on this site. Congratulations on your achievement. Whatever particular views may have been expressed here by individual commenters the manner of expression of those views has always demonstrated a recognition of other readers and commenters, including those who you may strongly disagree with, as reasonable people. Sadly, you seem to have little grasp of the common rules and courtesies of public discussion. BTW, the way you apparently contemptuously look down on others as snowflakes and whiners says much more about you than any people you are inclined to scorn.

  • My problem is that it didn't come across as how to stream content "like the State of the Union address" an "important event being broadcast tomorrow". It came across as advertising the State of the Union. If it had been "How to stream events on your Chromecast, etc.", I wouldn't feel like it was a weird political news story, on a site that is all about Chrome / Google news. Maybe try and swing events that way? We all get enough politics from our Twitter feeds, Facebook, etc. We don't want it on our tech sites as well?

  • I hope it is not going to FoxUnboxed... :-D
    What's next, how to mine Bitcoins on Chromebook? ;-)
    Seriously, it is kind of omerta "over the lake", about Chrome OS and Google related products. So I had to find source for fresh news about it. I really like this site, Mr. Brangers made some great analyzes and interesting predictions about Chromebooks and Chrome OS future.
    My 2nd favorite tech news site is I like their brit humor style, but you'll not find there real news about "Chocolate factory" (as they often call Google), or about Chromebooks. It is treated as kids stuff or toys for challenged ones. "Inner US joke", sort of.
    IMHO, they are wrong, Chromebooks are here to stay and spread around. As Android smartphones did before (and there was iPhone before already - remember Ballmer's laugh at iPhone?). I hope that Robby (Mr. Payne) will review Gravit Designer soon (as he promised), those kind of stuff could make a switch in ppl's head.
    Still, it is a long way for Google to break outside of domestic market. "To spread the word".
    Hey Jesus, covfefe & Super Bowl does not help with it. Well, it is not a secret what the rest of the world thinks about current POTUS (accidental one, according to Fire & Fury).

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