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Save $130 When You Bundle The Pixelbook And Pen

Google’s flagship Pixelbook bowed out of the Black Friday madness but as of late discounts have been coming down the pipeline everywhere. The Google Store has slashed $100 off the price of both Core i5 models and is throwing in a Google Home as an added bonus. This deal has been reflected at Best Buy and other online retailers giving the sense that Google is getting serious about bringing the Pixelbook into the mainstream.

Amazon is getting in on the sale as well but since they do not carry Google Home, they’ve cut the price, even more, when you bundle the Chromebook with the Pixelbook Pen.

You can pick up either version of the Pixelbook at Amazon and cash in on the $100 discount. If you’ve been considering the Pixelbook Pen, you’ll save an additional $30. Currently, the 128GB model is listed as “temporarily unavailable” but you can still place your order and it will ship as soon as it is in stock.

I can’t speak to when that will be but historically from my experience with Amazon, it’s usually a few days at the most to replenish inventory. So, if a Google Home isn’t on your wish list, this may be your best bet to save the most dough.

Additionally, if you’re only interested in the Pixelbook, Amazon’s $50 gift card promo is still in effect. You can save $100 and score $50 towards another Amazon purchase.

Grab yours at the link below.