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New Kaby Lake Chromebook ‘Nami’: Following In The Pixelbook’s Footsteps?

Another day and another Chromebook has turned up in the Chromium repository. We get excited everytime a new device begins development regardless the shape, form or fashion but this latest discovery speaks to the current state of the Chrome OS market.


Pixelbook powered by Intel Kaby Lake processor

There is no shortage of new Chrome devices heading our way in the coming months. 2018 could very well be the “year of the Chromebook” with new form-factors, features and capabilities completely reshaping Chrome OS as we know it. A new Kaby Lake-powered Chromebook, codenamed ‘Nami’, is shaping up to continue the high-end movement started by Google’s Pixelbook.

Birthed just a few weeks ago, Chromebook ‘Nami’ is showing some similarities with Google’s flagship the Pixelbook that could point to a widening of the top-tier Chromebook market. Apart from running on the Kaby Lake chipset, commits contain support for NVMe storage, at least 8GB RAM and a convertible form-factor.

Another interesting detain in one particular commit points to the removal of SD card support. Perhaps pointing to a large amount of storage like that of the Pixelbook. While the new Chromebook may not carry all the features of Google’s Pixelbook, it still looks to be gunning for that space.

I believe the Chromebook market as a whole has shifted and a new consumer awareness is opening the door to more “flagship” type devices. Where we once saw Intel Core models as the elite reserved for power-users and tech geeks like ourselves, I believe these sleek new devices are now going to target the masses.

We’ll report back with new information on Chromebook ‘Nami’ as we find it. Stay tuned for more Chrome OS news as we gear up for CES 2018 in Las Vegas next month.
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