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Google Home Max Available December 13th According to Best Buy

Right off the bat, let’s all take this one with a heavy dose of salt. Retailer listings are pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to predicting actual product availability.

That being said, Best Buy has a listing up for both colors of the Google Home Max that declares quite confidently that the devices will become available for shipping on December 13th. For those keeping score, that is this upcoming Wednesday.

Up to this point, we still only have a “Join Waitlist” option from Google’s own store. Google never really lets dates out via their storefront, so I’m not surprised by that. Likely we won’t see a change in that status until the device has been officially announced and Google’s emails have gone out.

Here’s a link to the listings at Best Buy, so if you want to go ahead and place your order, Best Buy is promising a December 13 shipping date. Again, they can literally put any date they choose there and simply say “oops” if it doesn’t work out.

Are you excited for the Google Home Max? Are you ready to pull the trigger on one?

I know we are eagerly trying to get our hands on one from Google for review, so when we do, we’ll be posting our Unboxing and Hands-On videos as soon as we can!

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