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Go-Box Chrome: Mass Chromebook Deployment In A Box

K-12 IT Administrators are often faced with the daunting task of deploying hundreds or even thousands of Chromebooks in a very short amount of time to prepare for the upcoming school year. One at a time can be an exhausting undertaking while paying for white glove services can quickly become taxing on even the biggest tech budgets.

Go-Box Chrome is looking to help cut that cost and simplify provisioning Chrome devices with their all-in-one solution that is capable of configuring up to 16 devices at one time at a fraction of the cost of other services that can cost as much as $10 per machine.

While there are less-expensive solutions out there, Go-Box Chrome looks to take the hassle out of mass deployment. If you have been or are considering white glove services for provisioning, head over to Go-Box first and check out their comparison tool and see how much your institution could save.

With Go-Box Chrome, you simply power on the box, connect Go-Box to Wifi then use the Chrome Web app to customize it for your school’s needs. From there, connect up to 16 Chromebooks and let Go-Box do the work.

The total cost to one Go-Box with a one year license is $1499 with an annual license renewal of $299. While that may seem like a lot, administrators and budget makers know how much the alternative can be.

Go-Box is set up the annual FETC (Future of Education Technology Conference) in Orlando this week. If you’re in the are and would like to learn more, head by Booth #2515 and see what they have to offer. Tell them Chrome Unboxed sent you.

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Source: Go-Box

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  • We got the white glove service for our first batch of Chromebooks a few years ago, and this past summer we opted to do it ourselves.

    We bought 20x fast USB 3.0 flash drives, and pre-loaded them as a recovery USB for our device. This updated them all to v58 (newest at the time). USB 3.0 was a must, as they flashed in 3 minutes each, instead of 8 minutes with a USB 2.0 drive.

    Then we bought 20x Arduino Pro Micro boards, and pre-loaded them with an enrollment script that we got from Amplified Labs. They offer the script for free, and it clicks through the entire enrollment process for you, connecting to the wifi we specified, and enrolling the device in our domain with an account we programed in. The whole process took 90 seconds for each device.

    We then formed an assembly line, where we unboxed the device, updated it, enrolled it, and then shelved it for pickup. We could do up to 100 chromebooks an hour. If we decided not to update them, we could easily do 300/hour.

    Total cost was around $500 for USB + Arduinos.

    This device costs 3x that much, has an annual subscription fee, and I can't picture saving any time over the workflow we already had.

    Link to company with more info about their setup:

    • You are absolutely correct. I was just speaking with John Sowash about this exact method. Like the most cost-effective way out there.

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