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Amazon Will Now Sell Chromecasts (And Apple TV)

In the ongoing tug-of-war between Google and Amazon, some surprising news has landed today as CNET reports that the world’s largest online shopping outlet will soon begin selling Chromecast as well as Apple TV.

In late 2015, Amazon discontinued sales of the competitors streaming devices as they ramped up marketing for their in-house Fire TV products. The move was the first of many back-and-forth blows between Amazon and Google in an increasingly market.

Earlier this year, Google pulled YouTube support from Amazon’s Echo Show in a wrestling match that still seems to be very much alive as YouTube later returned just to be removed from the Echo Show again two weeks later. Understandable, Amazon would much prefer to push their own hardware but the ongoing power struggle has become almost laughable.

Just as it appeared no accord would be struck, an Amazon spokesperson told CNET Thursday;

I can confirm that we are assorting Apple TV and Chromecast,

No further comment was offered but listings for Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra and Apple TV are all live on Amazon despite showing “currently unavailable.” Likely, inventory management is in in the process of stocking the devices to prepare for launch.

The news comes on the heels of Amazon adding Chromecast support to their Music App and is a sign of hope that the two giants (and Apple) aren’t beyond playing together. Options are nice and I think Amazon is making a smart move by opening up this new door.

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Source: CNET via Android Police