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Chromebook ‘Nefario’ Is No More: Rest In Peace

We love tracking down new devices, uncovering new features and discovering the latest and greatest in the world of Chrome OS. A good portion of what we do revolves around sleuthing through the repositories in the hopes of finding some juicy morsels to share with you, our loyal readers.

When we stumble upon a new Chromebook in development, we’re like little kids on Christmas. Regardless the form-factor, manufacturer or specs, it never loses the exhilaration that comes with unearthing what once was hidden.

The good with the bad.

As exciting as it is to discover new Chromebooks in the making, it’s also a bit heartbreaking when we see a new device fall by the wayside.

The perfect example was the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook that never was. Affectionately known as ‘Pbody’, the anticipation for this now defunct Chromebook was tangible and had the Chrome OS world salivating for an official announcement.

Alas, as with many things in the world of tech, some products just don’t pan out. This week, we see another Chromebook abandoned before it was ever given life.


The upcoming Chromebook ‘Nefario’, had been in development since mid-June and was shaping up to be a competitor to Samsung’s Chromebook Plus. A RockChip-powered convertible, ‘Nefario’ had fallen silent in the repository as of late and today the reason for that was brought to light.

Remove Nefario board
Nefario is dead, long live… no, wait, actually, it’s just dead.

Chromium repository.

Nice to see the developers have a sense of humor. Still, we silently mourn the untimely loss of another Chromebook that will never be and ‘Nefario’  a bittersweet farewell. Rest in peace in the Chromebook great beyond.

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Source: Chromium Repository