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[UPDATE] Google Chrome Lands In The Microsoft Store: Sort Of

Sure, if you’re a Windows user you can just go to the Chrome download page and install the world’s most popular browser by Google. But what’s the fun in that? Starting today, you can grab the Chrome browser straight from the Microsoft Store, sort of.

First off, it’s not easy to find. A simple search for Chrome will get you the usual hodge-podge of MS Store search results and the Chrome Browser is buried a bit in the list of apps and when I say buried, I mean like 80 apps deep. (if you really want to find it just search Chrome installer)

Second, you might notice the app is labeled “Chrome Installer.” That’s because you won’t actually be downloading Chrome from the MS Store. Instead, you’ll actually just be clicking the download link from That’s right. It’s just a link to the landing page for Chrome. You will be directed to download Chrome just as if you were getting it directly from Google because, well, you are.

Before you get too excited, Windows 10 S users are still left out in the cold. Since this is not technically an app housed in the MS Store, you still won’t be able to install it on your device.

No worries! Microsoft will gladly upgrade you to Windows 10 Pro for $49.99 and you too can experience the next few years of a slowing device that takes ages to update and eventually becomes a brick.


If I seem a bit put off, I am and here’s why. The moment that Google pushed this Chrome App Installer to the MS Store the haters came out of the woodwork. “Let the Google bashing begin” and frankly, I take a bit of offense to that. Not because I work for Google because I don’t but simply because the mindless ramblings of users who refuse to educate themselves on a subject so that they may dump their technicolor hurl across the web and create more uninformed sheep grates me in a very unique and unsettling manner.

Some shining reviews from the MS Store.

Google has never even hinted at the intention of bringing their beloved Chrome browser to the Microsoft Store but seriously, why should/would they. They hold a larger global market share than all other browsers combined. Just to clarify, Google has also never “refused” to put Chrome in the MS Store. There are a number of reasons it isn’t there and none of those reasons have anything to do with juvenile rivalries or shenanigans.

The main reason Chrome isn’t in the MS Store as an app download? MICROSOFT!

You heard me and no, it’s not Microsoft taking a jab at Google. It’s simply a matter of logistics and protocols. Microsoft only allows browsers in their store that use their rendering engines. Google Chrome has, for the majority of its existence, used the Blink rendering engine. Google pretty much created Blink. Why on Earth would they abandon it to use another platform given Chrome’s massive successes?

That answer is, “they wouldn’t.” Google has no intention of scrapping Blink in the foreseeable future. Sure, they could create a forked version of Chrome exclusively for Windows users and that might even allow Windows 10 S to have access to the browser but what a humongous waste of resources, time and effort.

Let me ask you this.

If you had an industry-leading product that dominated more than 50% of a global market would you rehash said product just to deliver it in a new method to customers who were already using it in the first place?

I hope not. If so, it may be time for some business management classes. Just saying.

You know what would be a simpler answer to the problem? Microsoft lifting the restrictions on browsers in their store. Either way, it really makes no difference. People who want Chrome on Windows will get it from Google. Putting in the MS Store makes absolutely no difference. None!

Personally, I feel Google did this simply because they could and I find it amusing. Yes, it’s a dig in the ribs of MS and Windows users but in the grand scheme of things, people that “hate” Google will always find a reason to do so. Just do me a favor, before you go puking in publicly forums reviews, take two seconds and Google for some facts.

Sorry, Bing. That’s MS, right?

FWIW: I have Edge on my Chromebook. Guess what? It’s just a skinned version of Chrome. See, it works both ways.

UPDATE: As of a few moments ago, the Chrome Installer has been removed from the MS Store with no explanation.

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Source: MS Store via The Verge