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Chrome For Android Adds Parallel Download Capability

The Chrome browser for Android is adding a “parallel downloading” feature as a default function in the mobile browser in the upcoming release of version 64. The addition will result in presumably faster downloads, not in the form of accelerated Mbps but instead the ability to handle multiple downloads at once.

According to a recent commit in the Chromium repository, the parallel download feature will be enabled in Chrome 64 for Android but will only activate in the case of an initial download taking more than two seconds to complete.

Like many new features, the parallel download has already been tested in what is called a “finch experiment.” These are testing methods that take place on a small number of devices to test the stability of a new feature and give developers a real-life snapshot of said feature in action.

According to the commit, the finch experiment stems back to Chrome version 62. If I am reading it correctly, the parallel download feature is now being pushed to all users on Chrome version 62 and 63 in the form of the finch experiment and will be enabled as an actual feature when 64 lands in the coming weeks.

If this new feature is something you’re interested in but it doesn’t look to be enabled on your device, you can turn it on by heading to chrome://flags and searching for “parallel download.”

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Source: Chromium Repository