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Black Friday 2017: Walmart Exclusive Deals On Google Home And More

Image Credit: Walmart New Room
Next hitter up to the plate for Black Friday deals is Walmart and their six thousand plus shopping centers across the United States. Walmart has quickly become a major seller of a number of #madebygoogle products including Google Home, Wifi and Chromecast.

This year, Walmart has some exclusive deals on a few of these devices that make them some of the toughest bargains to beat in the tech department. Here’s the lowdown on what Wally-world has to offer starting November 23.


I’ll go ahead and say this. If you find a better deal on the second generation Chromecast than this, BUY IT! Target and likely other retailers will be selling the tiny streamer for $25 and that’s a great price for a device that can do so much.

Walmart has dropped the Chromecast price to $20 for Black Friday and they didn’t stop there. With your purchase, you get $5 credit for Vudu’s movie service. Not only can you stream your favorite content, Walmart is practically throwing in a movie for free.

Google Home and Mini

I really thought that Target would have the best deal around for Google’s smart-speakers but Walmart has trumped them here as well. You can grab the Google Home for $79 or the Mini for $29 which are both crazy good deals.

That may be the same price as Target but when you purchase a Home speaker and link Walmart to your Google Express account you can get up to $25 off your first order using the Google Assistant. With a little wonky math, that makes the Google Home Mini FOUR DOLLARS!


If you’re looking for a budget Chrome device, Walmart has a pair of machines that might be just what you’re looking for.

The HP Chromebook 11 with touch display is normally priced at $249 but Walmart is knocking off $70. For $179 you can get the HP powered by the Intel N3060 processor, 4GB RAM and 16 GB storage. This would make a great gift for the student in your life.

The Samsung Chromebook 3 is also being reduced drastically. You get the same internals as the HP only without the touchscreen and it will only run you $119. If you need a cheap, disposable device, this is it.

Walmart also has a slew of smart TVs, tablets and accessories for every techie on your list. The sales start at 6 P.M. on Thanksgiving and run all day online. Play your shopping trip by heading over to and get a jump on the game. Black Friday is right around the corner.

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