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Next Apollo Lake Chromebook: Here’s ‘Baby Mako’

I’m the proud dad of a beautiful four-year-old girl and despite the fact that she can be as hard-headed as me at times, she is the apple of my eye and has me wrapped around her little finger.

Like most kids her age, somewhere along the way she learned a little song by the name of “Baby Shark.” If you aren’t familiar with it, you can have a listen here. Be forewarned, it will get stuck in your head and I take no responsibility when you catch yourself singing it at your desk.

Thanks to today’s discovery in the Chromium repository, I’ve been stuck trying to get “Baby Shark” out of my head all day.

Baby Mako

Apollo Lake Chromebooks seem to be multiplying exponentially lately and the newest one adds to the ever-growing list of convertible Chrome devices.

babymako: add initial files from coral first.

‘Coral’ is the baseboard and overlay for a yet-to-be-released Apollo Lake Chromebook from a still unknown manufacturer. From the initial commit for ‘Baby Mako’ it appears that it will be very similar to ‘Coral’ apart from the different battery.

The project plans to re-use coral board design and the only difference
which EC needs to care about is the battery from 3S1P to 2S1P. This is
why only battery.c is copied but others are just linked to coral board.

For now, the only information we can infer is what little we know about the Chromebook ‘Coral’. That being a convertible device powered by the Intel Apollo Lake chipset but it is still unclear whether it will be the lesser N3350/N3450 or the more powerful Pentium N4200 found in the Acer Chromebook 15.

I did a little digging on the owner of the commit and found that he is possibly employed by Quanta Computers. That means the ‘Baby Mako’ Chromebook could be branded by a number of OEMs including but not limited to Acer, HP, and even Google.

As with all the Apollo Lake devices thus far, ‘Baby Mako’ is a playable character from the Hungry Shark game franchise. Stay on top of all the latest from the world of Chrome OS by subscribing below and don’t forget to check out Chrome Unboxed on YouTube as we pack up and head to Las Vegas for CES 2018.

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Source: Chromium Repository