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‘Kevin’ Is The Samsung Chromebook Pro: Up For Pre-Order: UPDATED

You read that right! The long talked-about Chromebook, known only as ‘Kevin’ up to this point, has broken through. Available for pre-order right now from Adorama and outfitted with a beautiful landing page that shows it off, the Samsung Chromebook Pro (remember that little survey?) looks to be all we’ve come to expect up to this point and more.

So, let us discuss how we got here. Last night, I received an email from a reader who, while looking through B&H’s Chromebook selection, came across a listing for the Samsung Chromebook Pro. He was quick enough to snag the model number (513C24I) and part number (XE513C24-K01US). Shortly after, the listing disappeared.

The reader then searched for the model and found a listing on, a site that is a social hub for sharing your stuff and your thoughts about all of it. That listing wasn’t really enough for us to make a story on, though.

The specs clearly line up with ‘Kevin’, but as this is user-submitted, we just couldn’t make the firm case.

I then reached out to a friend who keeps up with Chromebook news and let him know what we’d come across. It was then that he answered me with a link to Adorama selling what looks to be the same device. It is actually up for pre-order right now. You can check that out here.

Here’s Where It Gets Good

Shortly after, my contact sent me this link, showing off a beautiful landing page dedicated to the Samsung Chromebook Pro. (the site has been taken down for the time being. We’ll leave the link here.)

And it is beautiful. Simply beautiful. We’ve included a ton of the pics from the site in a gallery below.

According to the Adorama listing, the device will sell for $499, a price that seems very compelling for a device packing this much awesome. If you need a reminder of everything The Chromebook Pro will offer, read all this.

If the removed B&H listing is to be believed, the availability date is October 24th. Since that listing has been pulled, we have a hard time believing that date until we see something a bit more firm.

Either way, enjoy! For those of you who have been hunting the Samsung Chromebook Pro along with us, it’s been a fun ride. For those of you just discovering ‘Kevin’, this looks to be one of the best Chromebooks coming this fall.

We can’t wait!

Image Credit: Samsung