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HP x360 Chromebook 11 Unboxing

The HP x360 Chromebook 11 comes to our office via HP’s own store, so we opted for the 8GB/64GB configuration for our testing.

What’s that mean? Well, it means that my expectations were a bit high, to be honest with you.

Consider the spec sheet:

Those things usually congeal to form a pretty impressive device.

Now, consider the price: $479

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That spec sheet and that pricing create expectations that I feel are warranted. After all, you can purchase some pretty amazing Chromebooks for $450-$550, so this device needs to deliver.

I don’t want to pass judgement too early, but you can watch the video and clearly tell I was not impressed with my initial time with the HP x360.

Testing and time could change that, however, so be sure you are subscribed here and on YouTube to see how this all shakes out.

Enjoy the video!

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