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Google announces the #1 trending tech gift for 2019 and it is actually affordable

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of Google Shopping 100. I’m unsure if this is new or just something I’ve never seen before, but I have to gush over the design of the website for just a second. Seriously, head over to the clever, interactive site and take a look for yourself after you’re done here. Whether on desktop or mobile, what they’ve built is both beautiful and crazy-informative as you finish up your holiday shopping for the year.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s talk quickly about what tops the list in the tech category right now. It is none other than Google Home, and for the second time in a few years, Google seems to really have a big hit on its hands with the it’s home-based speaker lineup. Both the Home Mini and the Nest Mini have been discounted regularly over the last month and that has clearly driven sales.

This search results list from Google doesn’t really track sales, however, as it is more of a measure of the trending search traffic around a certain item or term. It stands to reason that the most searched items are likely the most purchased ones, so I’d guess there are plenty of Google Home speakers flying off the shelves again this year.

My wife and I have bought a few Nest Minis as gifts this year to either compliment or replace the original Google Home Mini for a handful of family members. With the vastly increased audio quality, the return of the touch-enabled top, and the handy wall mount, this little speaker feels like an absolute steal at the $29-$35 it has been selling for lately.

Buy the New Google Nest Mini at Walmart

To be fair, the Echo Dot and Fire TV Cube from Amazon are hanging out in the #6 and #7 spots, so it isn’t like everyone is going for the Google Assistant and ditching Alexa: but it seems there are many who are. Again, we don’t know any figures behind sales numbers and how much these trends help Google catch up to Amazon in assistant popularity, but I know it can’t be hurting at all. While Google Assistant is probably the smartest assistant around, it still isn’t the most widely-used. Perhaps trends like these are pointing towards a tide shift.

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SOURCE: The Keyword via 9to5Google

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