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Google Pixelbook vs. ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

In a Chromebook landscape that now holds the Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Pro and the ASUS Flip C302, comparison videos are not only helpful, they are insanely intruiging.

Look, we get it! Devices that share the flagship-type status need to be measured, compared, and put against one another. With all the similarities between the Pixelbook and the ASUS Flip C302, consumers need to decide whether or not the Pixelbook is twice as good as the Flip C302 when making a purchasing decision.

The comparison between the Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook Pro is just as interesting, and many of you have viewed that video and made purchases based on it.

In the time that that video has been in the wild, we’ve received a ton of interest in seeing the ASUS and Pixelbook stand toe-to-toe as well. I’ll admit, after our review unit was returned nearly a year ago, we haven’t given a ton of attention to ASUS’ excellent Chromebook offering.

That is about to change. With so much interest in this device still happening, we purchased the Core i3 version to have around for testing. We now have the Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Pro and ASUS Flip C302 as permanent dwellers in the office, so you can rest assured a 3-way comparison will come soon enough.

For today, we wanted to deliver a bit of a deeper look at the ASUS Flip C302 and Pixelbook to help any of you considering either of these excellent devices for the holiday season. Even if you are considering a purchase down the road, we hope this comparison helps you evaluate which device will be the best fit for you.

This is a bit of a longer video that we usually do, but comparison videos need room to breath and get all the needed details across. So, if you are considering either of these machines, take a few minutes and watch through this video.  Hopefully, it will help you make a more informed purchasing decision!

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