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Chromecast Ultra Now Shipping

Google’s latest addition to its Chromecast lineup has been in pre-order status up until now, able to be purchased from the Google Store without any firm shipping date.

Thanks to a friend of Android Police, we have a screenshot of a Chromecast Ultra order that has been updated to ‘Shipped’ status from the Google Store.

A few things to keep in mind, here. First, if you pre-ordered your Chromecast Ultra just a day or two ago, there’s no guarantee yours will ship this fast. Likely, we’re dealing with a first-come-first-served situation.

Rest assured it shouldn’t be long now. Additionally, this means we should start seeing Chromecast Ultra devices showing up on shelves at places like Walmart and Best Buy very, very soon.

Excited? You can read here a bit more about what all you’ll need to enjoy your new Chromecast Ultra and over here we talk about some great places to snag 4K content.

Let us know if yours is on its way!

Source: AndroidPolice