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Chrome Saves The Day For MSFT Employees When Edge Crashes

It’s no secret that I am not at all a fan of Windows machines or their software products and being a Chrome OS website, I feel it my duty to give them a hard time. Despite my personal distaste, I truly have no ill will towards Microsoft or Apple for that matter. They’re just not my cup of tea. Everyone has their PC of choice and that’s okay. Variety is the spice of life.

All dislike aside, sometimes it’s fun to share a bit of light-hearted fun at the expense of the “other guys.” So, join me and share a laugh and know that it’s nothing personal against Microsoft. It’s just too funny not to share.

Last month, thousands gathered in Orlando to emerge at Microsoft’s annual IT conference, Emerge. One particular presentation focused on how to assist clients in migrating apps and data to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure. About thirty minutes in, the presenter ran into a little speed bump as the Edge browser he was using began to freeze and crash.

After struggling for a couple of minutes, the speaker quickly navigated to the Google Chrome download page and within minutes had our favorite browser launched and his presentation continued. As he installed Chrome, the speaker jokingly deselected the option to help improve Google Chrome and much to his credit gained some well-deserved chuckles from the crowd.

Here’s the presentation cued up at the point Edge begins to freeze. It’s a rather funny moment especially considering the ongoing browser wars that most frequently pit Google and Microsoft directly against each other.

Again, this all ended well and everyone got a good laugh. (especially us Chromies) The presenter handled himself very professionally and didn’t skip a beat when keeping the keynote moving.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that, while comedic, the speaker undoubtedly knew the right choice when his “native” browser decided to flatline.

Just saying.

Source: TNW