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Great Accessories For Your Chromebook

A question we get around here quite frequently goes something like this: What sort of accessories do you all use with your Chromebooks?

Instead of just rattling off a few peripherals, we decided to make a video highlighting things that we’ve purchased and been given that we use on a regular basis.

Some of this gear is absolutely crucial to the day-in day-out operation of Chrome Unboxed. Some of it is just fun. Some of it we bought and some of it we were give to take a look at.

Any way you slice it, all of this gear is worth your time in one way or another. We’re covering docks, speakers, input devices, monitors and more, so take a few minutes to examine the video, maybe make a decision on some stuff that you’ve been considering and above all else, we hope you are more informed before making a purchasing decision.

Here’s the list of all the gear we discussed if you are so inclined to do a bit of shopping on Amazon: